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Kasaba fashions, logistics & constructions started its business as a private Proprietorship company in 3rd January 2013. Initially company was registered with Canteen Stores Depot (CSD) , a defence chain shop based in all cantonments & Defence Officers Housing Society (DOHS) area as a supplier’s company of various commodities . Within 06 (six) months in June 2013 company was enlisted with Central Ordnance Depot (COD) as a registered defence suppliers company. Within a couple of months company earned the worthy of the best defence suppliers company having been read the requirement of end user , providing the best quality of the defence products with the least possible prices & rendering our caring services. And the new born company became adult  enough within a couple of months even started running in the premises of Director General defence Purchase (DGDP) in the very first day of 2014 as one of  the best defence suppliers company . And now Kasaba means the trusted business den where the foreign & local buyers & sellers are protected by our sincere efforts on Commitment, Quality & Services (CQS). We call Kasaba, the business den is protected by the code CQS.


We aim to become the best “One Stop Business Den” for the Buyers & Sellers of  all over the world.

Our services at one stop kasaba business den:

  1. Kasaba Fashions: As a remarkable fashions buying house of the country we provide the best on our commitment, quality & services in response to every  foreign Buyers order. We are affiliated with the country’s  best garments manufacturer & are capable to ensure the world class quality for any of the items of any country in the world. We have our expert Quality Inspection team, The expert production line , a bunch of passionate merchandiser, The best logistics backup by  renowned shipping line & so on. We ensure flexible & affordable payment mode for both the parties. We term the business an amenity thus emphasis on customers comfort right after leaving the customer’s home to reach again to their sweet home. So we provides services to them started from booking of Air ticket, Airport receive, full time transport ,Hotel booking,lady interpreter, fooding, sightseeing and above all their 24 hours security. So if you are once in kasaba dens, you are the most  relaxed & comfortable. Because our team will ensure your happy face during the fly towards your home.
  2. Kasaba logistics: At the very infant stage of the company kasaba logistics provides excellent logistical backup to our Army, Navy & Air Force. You can asess our strong logistical backup capability by our series of listed products delivered to our Army, Navy, Air Force, BGB, Police & Coast Guard. As a direct Export & Import licence holder kasaba has the malicious affiliation with the renowned defence products & equipment manufacturers around the globe as Principals & Local Agents. Kasaba also welcomes the new & established defence manufacturers to be the dignified members of our logistical dens, so we can strengthen our logistical backup capability to provide further support to the defence around the globe. Aiming on to the horizon kasaba is already a registered supplier of UNGM. Kasaba has its own business representatives in USA, Australia, Russia, China, Greece, Turkey & in so many countries. So as far as defence logistics is concern kasaba is the  pioneer to render our quality products, services to all our buyers & sellers at home & abroad under the umbrella of kasaba logistical dens.
  3. Kasaba Constructions: Kasaba constructions is a new introduction aiming to provide sweet dreaming home specially to the mid income level people of the country in the urban area of the capital city. The payment mode for the appartment is very flexible & soothes for the client. We are equally sharing our best offer & utmost cooperation to our landowners. Our commitment & services will make you happy stay at your dreaming home.


We the kasaba fashions, logistics & constructions never conclude but to continiue always with our relentless endeavour  committed to make smiling face to our all the clients at home & abroad.Business is our second priority but your requirement is of our TOPMOST priority. So the kasaba means, we carry & uphold the banner of the people along with their correct requirement, their aspiration & their dream in our Kasaba dens.



We kasaba now at the event of our journey:

  • Recently kasaba delivered Sniper items to Bangladesh Army.
  • Recently kasaba delivered USA manufacturer Tactical Ballistic helmet and Fast Carbon Aircrew helmet to Para Commando Battalian, Bangladesh Army.
  • Recently kasaba delivered Gas Musk to Bangladesh Army.
  • Recently kasaba delivered Ceramic hard Armour Plate to Bangladesh Navy.
  • In 2015 Kasaba delivered Bullet Proof Helmet & Bullet Proof Jacket to Bangladesh Air Force.
  • Recently kasaba signed an agreement  with the world’s best UK & USA based helmet manufacturing company.
  • Recently kasaba strengthen its business tie with Turkey by signing two business deals of Acrylic Printed Blanket for Bangladesh Navy Officers & Wrist GPS for Bangladesh Army.
  • In the year of 2015 kasaba appointed his foreign Business representatives in USA, Australia, Greece, China , Turkey.
  • On 19th Jun 2014 Kasaba became the local agents of the Best Chinese Defence manufacturer & supplied the Bullet Proof Jacket & Bullet proof Helmet to Bangladesh Army.
  • On 27th November 2013 Kasaba receives its first ever foreign order of Shipping Container for UN Mission logistical backup(UNSC).
  • On 10th Sept 2013 Kasaba receives its first ever domestic order of Travel Bag for officers proceed on UN Mission (UNSC) from Central Ordnance Depot (COD).
  • On 19th November kasaba became the registered Jute & Jute products suppliers on receive of Jute license from Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation Ltd (BJMC).
  • On 15th Jun 2013  kasaba conducted the procurement visit to Murom , Russia by a higher body of military delegation headed by Major General Hamidur Rahman for inspection of Russian robust Infantry Reconnaissance vehicle (IRV) PSM-8.
  • On 13th May 2013, kasaba became a registered suppliers company of Central Ordnance Depot (COD), Dhaka Cantonment.
  • On 28th February 2013 kasaba became the registered suppliers company of Director general Defence Purchase in all category except group 4 & 10 for local & foreign tender.
  • Kasaba introduces new series of ceramic crockery items for the first time at CSD.
  • In the first months of introduction at CSD kasaba became the bestseller of the household products in the equal purchase order ratio.
  • On 3rd January 2013 kasaba started business with Canteen Stores Depot (CSD) as a registered suppliers company.

Kasaba News

Welcome to visit our website : Export telecast: If you have a buying order of any kinds of garments products, jute products & fish products ,please contact us & place your order now ... .. Import telecast: If you are the manufacturer/dealer of any kinds of Defence or Military products /Equipment then please contact us ASAP for selling your products.

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