We kasaba Group export a wide range of the products mainly manufacturing & originated  in our country. In the banner of kasaba fashions we export our one of the major items of garments products as per buyers requirement. Jute products mainly raw jute, 100% jute fiber of different specifications(Hessian cloths) , Jute count , multi – dimensional jute made products is also in our major export list. Below is our list of major items:

  1. All kinds of garments items as per foreign buyers requirement.
  2. All kinds of jute products as per foreign buyers requirements.
  3. All kinds of frozen, processed & dry fish items  as per buyers requirement.

Kasaba News

Welcome to visit our website : Export telecast: If you have a buying order of any kinds of garments products, jute products & fish products ,please contact us & place your order now ... .. Import telecast: If you are the manufacturer/dealer of any kinds of Defence or Military products /Equipment then please contact us ASAP for selling your products.

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