The Best Defence Products Supplier Company of Bangladesh


Kasaba Logistics , from very Infant stage of its introduction rendered excellent services in regards to supply the quality defence products to the defence forces at home & abroad. Our aim is to become best service oriented defence products supplier company in the global business field. In view of that we have formulated our long term plan to tie up our cooperation with the worlds best manufacturers in regards to light & heavy combat equipment & logistics. Hence we welcome all foreign defence products & equipment manufacturers to extend their cooperation to marketing their valuable products & equipment through Kasaba Logistics , as the best defence products supplier company of Bangladesh.


We have a very wide range of our listed defence products. Some are mentioned below:



  1. Light & heavy Armoured Vehicle.
  2. All types of Military simulator
  3. GSR & Radar System
  4. All kinds of Ballistics Helmet
  5. All kinds of Ballistics Jacket
  6. All kinds of Ballistics Plate
  7. All kinds of Signal Communication system
  8. Night Vision Goggles
  9. All kinds of Military & Police body protection items.
  10. Light & heavy Artillery Vehicle
  11. IFF devices.
  12. Shipping Container
  13. Military Travel bag & trolley for UN Mission.
  14. Acrylic Blanket for Military uses.
  15. All other Military equipment & logistics on order/tender order.



  1. Navy Ship & Ship equipment & spares
  2. Navy Ballistic Jacket
  3. Navy Ballistics helmet
  4. Navy Prediction software & tidal analysis
  5. Sewerage Treatment Plant for Navy Ship.
  6. Inflatable, Patrol & Survey boat
  7. RTK GPS Receiver
  8. Compass & Binocular
  9. GPS
  10. Laser range finder
  11. All other Navy equipment & logistics on order/tender order.



  1. Aircraft & Aircraft equipment & spares.
  2. Ballistic Helmet
  3. Ballistic Jacket
  4. Flying coverall
  5. Rain coat
  6. All kinds of security & protection items.
  7. All other Air force equipment & logistics on order/tender order.









Kasaba News

Welcome to visit our website : Export telecast: If you have a buying order of any kinds of garments products, jute products & fish products ,please contact us & place your order now ... .. Import telecast: If you are the manufacturer/dealer of any kinds of Defence or Military products /Equipment then please contact us ASAP for selling your products.

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