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Fields & Scopes of our business operational mode.

As the name of the company “ Kasaba fashions, logistics & constructions “ implies the modus operandi of our team, so the following details will be our commitment, quality & services in the fields & scope of our business operational mode :


At present we are in the framework of the Garments Buying House. We gladly receive the foreign orders to manufactures any of the garments products /items/outfits either nit, oven or sweater through our renowned top listed garments manufacturers or in the buyer’s nominated factory & by ourselves as exporter, we supply/ship the products safely towards our valuable buyers company at abroad.
In the fashions House web page of this site you will find the different category of the samples picture with code number along with specifications from where you can choose your desired products & can place your order mentioning your preferred codes & quantity by just clicking on the order submission form. Now all the responsibility is on our court & our expert team will make you happy with your esteemed chosen products to carry forward safely to your home port/ company/Showroom/warehouse wherever you preferred to deliver the products. Even if you have your own item pictures, Specifications, drawings, you can just send us everything from our web contact page uploading your details.


1. Import:

      A.  Product’s descriptions and Consignee: Our logistics means all the Defence products which we import & supply at home to our consignee Army, Navy, Air Force, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), Police, Coast Guard , Fire fighting department and the local procurement departments of these organizations for their military uses. List of items you can find in our logistics Import page. As direct Import license holder & as registered DGDP foreign suppliers in all group kasaba can import any of the defence items ranging from heavy equipment ( Armoured Tank, War Aircraft, Navy war ship etc) to single unit general items which may not be in our web page list .
   B.  Procurement procedure & Payment Mode : Depending on the type of tender as Foreign & Local the procurement procedure & payment mode is appended below:
         (1)  Foreign tender procedure : For foreign tender the foreign manufacturer/ principal / exporter/ supplier need to participate in the tender as prime bidder being our company as authorized local agents of the foreign concern. So a certificate of “ Authorization Letter” in favour of local agents to be issued to participate in any foreign tender. Principal should submit his complete offer (All relevant documents & certificates as per tender bid requirement) through his local agents. After vetting of the tender offered documents & samples (If needed) by the concern Inspection branch , if the offer is accepted then foreign principal or on his behalf local agents sign the final contract of the products order. For any foreign tender the validity of the offer is 180 days. And the delivery time is determined by the urgency of the products which may ranges between 03(Three) months to 09(Nine) months including the shipping time depending on the volume of the products.
         (2)  Payment mode: The defence Payment mode for all foreign tender is 100% LC with 80% at sight & 20% after issue of inspection note by consignee Inspectorate . 10% of the total CFR/CPT value as Performance Guarantee (As Bank Guarantee) is to be submitted by foreign principal after signing of the contract order. Normally the remaining 20% & 10% (of the total CFR/CPT value) PG is released within 15 to 20 days of receive of the products on inspections. Payment term & price quotation by foreign principal is to be : FOB+ Freight = CFR /CPT value. Here, DGDP(Bank nominated by Bangladesh central bank as it is government contract) directly open LC in favour of foreign beneficiary bank.
        (3) Local tender Procedure & payment mode: In case of foreign items & local tender , our company directly participated in the tender as prime bidder & open LC in favour of foreign companies beneficiary bank. In case of foreign items with local tender our preferred payment mode is LC or part TT & LC , which is negotiable in consultation with foreign concern.

2. Export:

     A.  Products list: All the Products which we export /supply to our foreign defence organizations /foreign buyers /Un organizations for their military uses. As direct Export license holder & as registered DGDP foreign suppliers in all group kasaba can Export any of the defence items ranging from heavy equipment to single unit general items depending on the buyer’s requirements which may not be in our web page list .
     B. Payment mode : For all our exported deals, our payment mode is TT & LC .
    C. Inspections: We have our expert Quality Inspection company & technicians to inspect your products. You can also nominate your preferred Inspection company to inspect the products.


Kasaba Constructions is our newly introduced endeavor aiming to fulfill the residential requirements  of our mid level income earning people  in the urban area of each districts. So it’s a project which will continue the operation even for the generations to come. So our focus is towards the quality building considering the multilateral factors of environment, land constrain, weather changeability, earthquake factor and so on. We give importance on the customers requirement , their financial ability but never compromise the quality. Because the sweet dream for a sweet home has to be a secured home. Unless we can ensure the quality we can’t ensure the better safety. So to ensure a safe package for a sweet dream is our business motto.


Kasaba News

Welcome to visit our website : Export telecast: If you have a buying order of any kinds of garments products, jute products & fish products ,please contact us & place your order now ... .. Import telecast: If you are the manufacturer/dealer of any kinds of Defence or Military products /Equipment then please contact us ASAP for selling your products.

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